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About Us

Experience Authentic Filipino Food...Made with the highest quality and freshest ingredients.

Registered on May 3, 2019, PhilCan Incorporated introduced its frozen meat product; Pork Tocino, to the community. A less harsh taste that couples tartness with sweetness. A unique blend of herbs and spices that made a light and crisp relish.

The meat is so tender having fine texture that comes apart easily. A very delightful product that is really mouth watering.

Following the success of its initial product, PhilCan Inc. introduced another delectable creation to its frozen meat line, the Pork Longganisa. These luscious links of pork encased in hog skin casings, are our local answer to the Spanish chorizo. Manufactured in varieties of pork, chicken and comes in two different flavors: Spicy and sweetened while having such look as Classique and Natural for the more healthy conscious consumers. The PhilCan Longaniza is not only an ideal food for breakfast but thesel ittle links are packed with so much flavor that they make the delicious ingredient to add to a dish to make it better. Even a little bit will go a long way. After achieving a certain amount of success the company decided to expand and make the products more delightful and easily reached by everyone in the community.

A restaurant known as Philcan Kitchenette was opened to bring together the frozen and the scrumptiously cooked Philcan products to the people. PhilCan Inc., is doing retail sales while cordially offering wholesale trade with supermarkets and business partners.



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At PhilCan Inc. we know you care deeply about the earth that our children will inherit. That’s why we only work with farms and supplier that produce with sustainability in mind.
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